Dog Pet Id Tags: ECommerce Website [Case Study]

# Dog Pet Id Tags:

E-Commerce Site [Case Study]

Niche: Dog pet ID tags
Type: E-Commerce Website Build
Time: 4 Weeks

dog pet id tags

This client was interesting to say the least.

This was our fourth E-Com build so we were ready to really create something special and we did!

The site was built within 3 weeks and the client was very happy with the overall design of the site.
The ease for the user was a priority we took very seriously.
This combined with a simplistic design helped give this E-Com site the modern edge it needed.

However a problem with engraving the dog pet id tags came in to question.
We then sent the clients this video:

Which helped them better understand the engraving process on the dogs new id tags for their pet.
After all the engraving process was one of the main USP’s for the client.

They felt a custom engraved message would make it a true Dog Pet Id Tags

This was charged as an extra fee at the end of the project.

So here are the site statistics:

  • Time Took: 3 Weeks |  Time For Project: 4 Weeks
  • Projected Cost: $125 |  Actual Cost: $94
  • Initial Fee: $1,000 |  Actual Fee: $1,000
  • Total Profit: $906

Here’s the site mechanics timeline:

  • We used a basic WordPress blog set up.
  • Then installed O.P. 2.0
  • We installed the E-Commerce functionality and started the branding process.
  • After the colour scheme was complete, we double checked the links.
  • We then conducted an overview to ensure everything was working properly.

The client was extremely happy with their results and is now looking for advertising to help take their business to the next level.

For more about this case study you can contact the client directly via their google + account below:

Otherwise we thank you for your time and wish you the best of luck in all you web developments.

Till next time…

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